A synopsis of Light Silver Automatic and its releases


a warm electric blanket . . . radiant harmonies . . . music made from steel and wood . . . rock and pop smothered in caramel-like sonic goodness . . . like Pink Floyd covering The Beatles . . . lots of fun if you like to hum . . . a band born and raised in the shadows of Chicago, the ol' stomping grounds of The Smashing Pumpkins, Kanye West, and Liz Phair, among many others . . . a treat for those who enjoy Gibson and Fender electrics and Marshall half-stacks (and Tacoma acoustics, and Moogs, piano, etc.) . . . a stampede of horses circling the moon . . . like sitting on a country porch while holding a fire cracker . . . the answer to your query . . . a seeker of truth.


The album Squareless, and the idea of living your life and loving as best you can through seemingly shapeless paths, builds from the "Determined sonic goodness adventuring through humanity while speeding toward death" that was Reelsounds. As part of that construction - "building fossils we will leave behind” - Squareless carves out new aural spaces among pop, rock and raw acoustic landscapes and the observations of an aging man, father of two, and husband of one. Imperfection is reality yet effort and goodness must be as well. Failing is inevitable yet how we react - our attitude - is a choice. Writing and recording music while spending time with friends and colleagues and masters of audio craft is a great fortune. LSA does its best to capture all of this in these tracks. Considerable volume is highly recommended. Headphones and earbuds need love, too. Happy listening.


Light Silver Automatic's "Reelsounds" is a tightly knit audio sweater comprised of warm singles for the grab-and-go crowd yet satisfying sonic spokes through the album wheel that will satisfy the full-album listener. Written on piano, guitar, and with voice, the songs are immediately hummable and deceivingly implacable in their pursuit of 37 minutes of gripping rock-pop love growls. "Reelsounds" was written and created within the cozy confines of Full Bright Life Music studios as the result of numerous marinations, stewings, sonic explorations, and lyrical and musical ruminations. It was then recorded on 24-track analog tape at Reelsounds Chicago recording studio in Skokie, Illinois, and then mastered at Caffeinated Recordings, Chicago, Illinois.


“The Tacoma Songs” is a handcrafted album full of acoustic-based sonic gems. These aural nuggets were written with my Tacoma Roadking acoustic guitar, which I often use when fleshing out my ideas. The record captures the warmth and intimacy that surround those organic sessions. The vibe ranges from the directness of ‘70s singer/songwriters to Orbison-like ‘50s sock hop tunes, country-tinged clarity to headphone-craving sonic explorations. Several friends accompany me with the purity of the piano, the gentle strings of the viola, and the crispness of electric keyboards. Taken in parts or as a whole, the album is a testament to the candor of music written with one of the purest of instruments and provides greater accessibility and clarity to the lyricist/listener dichotomy.


Light Silver Automatic's "The Electric Record" is a whirlwind of electric guitar-based pop/rock. The title is further reflective of the energetic and exciting forces smashed together; although rock remains the album’s compass, you will enjoy the flashes of dance jams, blues, and psychedelic brush strokes that are sprinkled throughout the recording. These selections are often informed by some wonderful artists, which the band experienced primarily during its young adulthood (R.E.M., The Cure, Catherine Wheel, Pixies) as we hoped to combine the melodic with the powerful while keeping the record under an hour. It remains a small pleasure of ours to enjoy an album from start to finish in that amount of time. Push play and let it rip.