The release of Squareless by Light Silver Automatic

The release of Squareless by Light Silver Automatic

Dear family, friends, colleagues, professionals, critics, listeners, ALL!

Welcome to the album Squareless by Light Silver Automatic. Many of you have been kind enough to support, listen to and critique LSA and our music over the years and we appreciate it. 

Squareless is available on just about all audio download and streaming services you already enjoy, including YouTube; iTunes; Apple Music; Spotify; and Amazon (just search for “Squareless by Light Silver Automatic”). You can also listen to Squareless (and other LSA albums) and check out lyrics, credits, artwork, and more at, and you can review and download the songs at CD Baby, which acts as a conduit to the larger public for independent artists such as LSA.

It has been written that “The album Squareless builds from the ‘Determined sonic goodness adventuring through humanity while speeding toward death’ that was LSA’s last release, Reelsounds. As part of that construction - ‘building fossils we will leave behind’ - Squareless carves out new aural spaces among pop, rock and raw acoustic landscapes and the observations of an aging man, father of two, husband of one, and the idea of living your life and loving as best you can through seemingly shapeless paths. Imperfection is reality yet effort and goodness must be as well. Failing is inevitable yet how we react - our attitude - is a choice. Writing and recording music while spending time with friends, colleagues and masters of audio craft is a great fortune. LSA does its best to capture all of this in these audio tracks.” I agree (of course, I wrote that).

Many wonderful friends, family members, and fine folks contributed their talents and time to this project. To name drop them and perhaps shed some light on the connection some of you may have to LSA and this project, the contributors are: Mark Doherty; Jeremy Kauffman; Rudy Galindo; Matt Fleshman; Matt Engstrom; Michael Doherty; Matt Stout; Jay Oker; Brian Hasenjaeger; Kurt Makaryk; Richard Gundlach; Will Chioda; Chris Goosman; Art Barsema; and Carrie Conover.

Spring is here and summer is on its way (we remain hopeful in the Chicago area!) – and we humbly submit Squareless by Light Silver Automatic is a great open air summer album. The audio will also sound wonderful indoors and via headphones and earbuds!. Please check it out and pass it along to others who may enjoy it, talk about it, or have interest in licensing and/or other professional relationships.

We hope all is well with you, your families, careers and lives.

Thanks for your time.